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create positive change and connect with your audience through beautiful podcast programmes


Award-winning audio, design & strategic podcast

Save your digital team time and create valuable relationships with your customers and the people who need to hear you.

 More than a podcast production company, we also collaborate to design your strategy and see your podcast through from concept to creation, distribution, marketing and analytics.


We're more than a podcast production company. We aim to create positive change in society though the power of audio. As strategic audio specialists we know that audiences extend across different media, from social channels to broadcast, print and online. That's why we set ourselves apart from other podcast production companies by taking a full-service approach to audio. Recording in London and across the UK, in studios and on location, it's our goal to provide you with the most powerful solutions to make your audio-first campaign a hit. That means thinking truly holistically about your marketing, making the best use of your budget, whilst writing and creating stunning digital assets like animation, articles and artwork.


Put simply. We make award-winning podcasts, but we also help you share them in the places your audience lives and loves, allowing you to move hearts and inspire action.



To support PR, subscription, marketing, public engagement, comms or to tell a brand story: we support overstretched digital teams and empower your company with audio strategy.


We help organisations create their own audio campaigns to reach deeply-engaged audiences at the right time and place without the wastage of other advertising mediums. 




Whether we're recording at the top of a castle, in your basement office, up a tree, in a lion's cage or on a ship, we're always hunting down vibrant new angles and searching for ways to make change.

Our background in network broadcast radio and successful branded podcast content productions means you're in safe hands. Find out about some of our work here.

original PROJECTS


We're serious about championing new talent and breaking new ground with new voices. Each year we take on a select few projects to innovate, mentor and help build the future of audio. Find out more here.



Eagle & Beagle creates powerful branded films by applying storytelling to clear and strategic thinking. We work together to maximise the reach and impact of audio campaigns for different platforms and users.  



Big ideas for the audio industry and helpful tips anyone making a start in podcasting. Read the Podcast Pioneers blog below



We’ll work with you to create a story and strategy that fits your goals, tailor a programme plan to complement it and produce a series that feeds your audience’s passion

editing & production

High quality studios in London, complete with video capability or location recording to capture the spirit of the place. We also offer a 30 seat theatre for live recordings. We'll edit your programme into something that sparkles.



A fully-designed audio strategy, including editing, production and provision of digital assets to maximise your promotion, from filming and video to audiograms, design, branding and website


Whether you need help developing a concept for your podcast series, need to review your existing content or want to plan or pilot your concept, we’ll help you kickstart your vision

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