Are you looking for an experienced audio programme-maker, help developing your podcast series, audio coaching or a high-end studio to record in?

Podcast Pioneers creates innovative audio and podcast programmes.


podcasts for business

Whether it’s to support PR, subscription, marketing, public engagement, comms or to tell a brand story, we support overstretched digital teams and empower companies with audio strategy.

We help companies create their own audio campaigns to reach deeply-engaged audiences at the right time and place without the wastage of other advertising mediums. 


We aim to make the highest quality original content that delights our clients and their customers and changes their day.




We’ll work with you to create a story and strategy that fits your goals, tailor a programme plan to complement it and produce a series that feeds your audience’s passion

editing & production

High quality studios in London, complete with video capability or location recording to capture the spirit of the place. We also offer a 30 seat theatre for live recordings. We'll edit your programme into something that sparkles.



A fully-designed audio strategy, including editing, production and provision of digital assets to maximise your promotion, from filming and video to audiograms, design, branding and website


Whether you need help developing a concept for your podcast series, need to review your existing content or want to plan or pilot your concept, we’ll help you kickstart your vision

During current pandemic conditions, we're still here to help you reach your customers and connect with audiences when it's most needed.

Here's a video message from us, which the cat repeatedly ruined.

We're happy to offer free advice to help you get your podcast project back on track at this time.

Stay safe x



Every year Podcast Pioneers collaborates with a few emerging audio talents to create original drama, comedy and scripted productions. 


Offering mentorship, script development, or simply editing and production support we aim to enrich the UK audio landscape by championing new talent and ideas. You can find out more about our work HERE


Podcast Pioneers is the baby of Katharine Kerr, borne of her experience in commercial radio, imaging and on-demand audio-making. A writer at heart and an audio dork by trade, she combines her love of making beautiful things with making damn good solutions for clients and collaborators.


Pre 2015 - KK is running a tight commercial radio production team turning out £12m of production a year across network radio.


Winter 2015 - Leaves radio for the Wild West / rapidly colonising hills and valleys of Podville, creating programmes for ITN / Audible and then Fresh Air Production.

2016 - Creates a slew of comedy programming with talented new writers and performers as Podcast Adventures.

2017 & 2018 - Receives British Podcast Awards for Branded Content created for Fresh Air Production (National Trust Gardens Podcast, Historic England's Irreplaceable, Parliament Explained)

2018 - Podcast Adventures rebrands to Podcast Pioneers. Helps Wireless Studios set up their on-demand audio service for News UK (The Times, The Sun) and Wireless Radio Group.

2019 - Podcast Pioneers launches Podcast Talent, a free portal designed to connect indies and hirers with freelance audio talent. Podcast Pioneers partners with a premium digital content agency to provide full-service, high end solutions and unrivalled content.



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