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Our mission: to make amazing audio with great people

Podcast Pioneers was founded by Katharine Kerr, a radio and award-winning branded audio content producer as a way of creating and collaborating with the finest developing talent in the on-demand audio space.

We make award-winning audio for high-end clients, whilst providing a launch pad for new audio writing and performing talent. In short, we use our fancy resources to make your stuff happen.


If you’re a brilliant, brave young writer, we want to hear from you. Every year we take on a select number of non-profit projects for the love of it. If you need is a safe pair of hands to help make your programme happen, then you’re in the right place.


Katharine’s previous project, Podcast Adventures, saw her creating comedy, talk and live shows with comedy talent and writers around London. She decided to take this one step further with Podcast Pioneers, combining her independent production business with philanthropic and creative ventures to enrich the audio landscape and work with good people to make great things.

Katharine is now the Senior Podcast Producer for Wireless Studios.

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