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How do you plan and make a podcast that fits with your business goals and strategy? What are the elements of podcast production? 

Explore the world of audio and podcasting with confidence in Step by Step Podcasting For Business


Whether you run a business, NGO, corporation, charity or other organisation, using audio as part of your communications strategy can be a powerful way to move people, inspire them and create change.


This book equips you with knowledge and practical questions to help you plan and create a successful branded podcast. Whether your goal is in marketing, education, comms or just to engage with new audiences, a podcast is flexible, creative medium through which to build authentic and trusting conversation.


This book covers:


  • What is a podcast?

  • Is a podcast right for you?

  • Planning for the change you want to make

  • Key questions to develop the right show for you

  • Developing a format, planning and production

  • Kit and sound recording basics

  • Troubleshooting

  • Integrating your audio strategy with wider business goals

  • When to hire and when to go in house

  • Ideas for sharing and marketing your programme

  • How to measure success


Written by an experienced radio and audio producer and Director of Podcast Pioneers, this book is here to demystify the world of podcast production, and to help you build a successful strategy that incorporates audio content into your business marketing. We will also explore how to best grow and market that content in the first place, so that it can deliver powerful engagement for your business.

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Podcast Pioneers is an audio production agency based in London and working across the UK. We create high-end programmes with strategy and design to make award-winning podcast campaigns that deliver real change. 

Our people are energetic, innovative and bright. We strive to move people and make them think and feel differently. We make colourful podcasts and care about the change we create.


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