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Katie Pritchard's the Farce and the Spurious

It's 2018, the year that everyone and their dogs have at least three podcasts each, and comedy genius Katie Pritchard decides there's room on iTunes for one more...perhaps foolishly...but she decides it nonetheless. She decides to call it "The Farce and the Spurious". The show is not about The Fast and the Furious films. A lot of people think this is weird. She can't afford a designer, so she draws a logo herself using watercolour pencils. Which is cool (?).


Farce and the Spurious logo 2.jpg

Katharine Kerr then pops Katie an email to ask if she had a podcast project that she wanted to record. ZINGER! What a fortunate piece of luck!! And so this pair of pals have set off on an epic, very low budget adventure to create a podcast show that invites their favourite people in the creative and performing arts to come along and have a whip of fun for your ears to enjoy!

So, strap in and enjoy the ride as Katharine tries to prevent Katie from pretending to be a book worm...again, and Katie tries to learn the skill of listening both to her guests and her producer at the same time and make a professional chat show.


We talk about everything from getting into the business of creating "art", to how to earn money, to why does no-one understand what a performer's life entails, to how to film a high budget Hollywood movie if you're a kid, to quizzes, to Baroqueaoke (of course), to when is my Mum going to be proud of me, with fun, giggles, incomprehensible chatter from Katie, amazing answers from all of her guests, Katharine's double thumbs ups through the studio window, open writing submissions, poems, sketches, plugs, kazoos, and a whole heap more!!

Check out the website and all our sexy guests at

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