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Introducing: Life Solved from the University of Portsmouth

Podcast Pioneers are delighted to present Life Solved, a podcast showcasing real research and real world change from the University of Portsmouth.

On a personal note, creating this brand new series kept me from brooding during lockdown. During times of uncertainty it has been a lift to be able to look ahead to ideas, actions and discoveries that could change our world for the better. Myself and everyone who has worked on this at Podcast Pioneers hope you are similarly inspired.

Earlier this year, the University of Portsmouth came to us with a series of interviews they'd recorded to inform articles in their new research magazine, SOLVE. These recordings had been made mostly on a mobile phone and were never intended for podcast use. But the conversations they recorded explained not only the impact of world-changing research in everyday lives but gave an insight into the human beings behind this work. So we set about making these recordings - caught in coffee shops or between appointments - into audible podcast programmes. Some we re-recorded, some we were able to fix the sound on. All of them were picked through to find the most exciting stories!

Our goal was to create a narrative that assumed no prior knowledge of the subject but took the casual listener on a journey through the iterations of research to the possibilities findings could present for everyday life.

And the topics we'll be exploring are diverse: From our bumper first episode, which tackles social, scientific and cultural issues around Coronavirus, to the impact of human-operated drones on the psychology of their operators in warfare. We'll also look into how modern politics is using social media to influence us as well as how social media has invited mass participation in politics. We'll hear how technology is being designed to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of those suffering with diseases of the urinary tract - it may seem niche but this impacts some of the most vulnerable people in society and affects at least 1 in 5 people! And we'll also look at how water and power go hand in other parts of the world, when we hear about the approaches to making this vital resource available to all.

There's all this and so much more in our first series of Life Solved, and plenty more after that. It's been truly inspiring to work with the team at Portsmouth, who really are focussed on conveying just how impactful the work of their staff and alumni can be on our world.

I've also loved working with the talented team at Webvid who came on board to design and animate all the lovely graphics and social media content you'll be seeing over the coming weeks. They really have brought the stories to life in a whole new dimension.

I do hope you find a moment to take a listen and enjoy the series.

Here's to a brighter future in all this uncertainty.

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