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Introducing our new book: Step by Step Podcasting for Business

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Do you want to know how to create a successful podcast for your business?

how to make a podcast
Podcast success for your business. Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

In my experience handling audio enquiries from all manner of small and large businesses, organisations and institutions, it struck me that there were some common questions and answers that could be widely shared.

As a result, Podcast Pioneers is releasing STEP BY STEP PODCASTING FOR BUSINESS: a new book designed to guide digital marketers, communications and PR professionals to reach the right audiences via bespoke and powerful audio products. This book is designed to demystify the world of audio production and help businesses plan, create and market podcasts for success.

“In turbulent times, discerning podcast listeners value quality programmes that connect them to our shared human experience. Original, surprising, gripping or delightful audio can be the remedy to our intense, screen-heavy world.”

office podcasting
Photo Credit Gregory Cole on Unsplash

Podcasting explained

I started writing this book about three years ago and during that time innovation in the audio sector and technology has continued at a storming pace. As a consequence I've revisited the content in order to create something that can remain relevant to beginners at any time.

STEP BY STEP PODCASTING FOR BUSINESS is available to buy from Wednesday February the 24th in ebook and in print. We'll also be following up with the audiobook version which, if you're anything like me, is a convenient and enjoyable way to absorb business books after a long day of screen-gazing!

The book is filled with learnings and observations from my years creating bespoke and award-winning audio campaigns for brands, and designed to help you think proactively about how audio can benefit your business.

With a strong emphasis on strategic planning and clear goal-setting, the book guides businesses through the different tasks and insight required to kick-start a podcast campaign. It also outlines some practical basics of production and recording, so that beginner podcast creators can explore options and feel empowered to hire in professional help or get hands-on in house. “The human voice, sound and our imaginations the most powerful communication tools we have available. They allow us to connect with an individual’s real decision-making engine: emotion”

podcasts for business
Powerful podcasting requires strategy. Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

For businesses just beginning their journey, as well as those who want to add strategy and insight to their output, this book aims to demystify the world of podcasts and help decision-makers confidently choose where to invest time and energy.

How to make a podcast, step-by-step

The book itself is broken down into a logical order and aimed at empowering the podcast beginner to make well-informed decisions. We'll help you ask the right questions to plan your audio strategy and consider how this fits with your wider business goals. We'll also give you starter ideas to so you can develop a format that works for your audience, along with pointers so you can decide where to invest your time and energy in the creation and distribution process.

The book covers:

  • What is a podcast?

  • Is a podcast right for you?

  • Planning for the change you want to make

  • Key questions to develop the right show for you

  • Developing a format, planning and production

  • Kit and sound recording basics

  • Troubleshooting

  • Integrating your audio strategy with wider business goals

  • When to hire and when to go in house

  • Ideas for sharing and marketing your programme

  • How to measure success

Every campaign is unique

No two podcast campaigns have the same objectives or takeaways, so knowing when to follow the herd and where there's space to innovate can be hard. Regardless, understanding the bigger picture can mean that you can make a podcast with clear goals in mind, and ensure that you give it every chance of being a hit, by working across your business, outsourcing the right support and integrating marketing to take your audience on a journey.

If you've signed up to the Podcast Pioneers mailing list, you'll be first to hear updates on the book when it launches on Wednesday the 24th of February 2021.

Follow us on social media @podcastpioneers to find out about our upcoming competition to win a free copy of STEP BY STEP PODCASTING BUSINESS

Here's hoping it helps you embrace the wonderful world of sound!

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