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The power of positive ideas in 2020

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The University of Portsmouth's podcast "Life Solved" returns with a brand new series on Tuesday 3rd of November. We're exploring topics as diverse as canine communication, tackling antibiotic resistance, contemporary constructions of femininity and how the right kind of packaging can actually reduce food waste. It's really heartening to make programmes about positive ideas in a year like 2020!

If you haven't heard our first series yet, you can catch up on the link below, or if you're really short on time check out this little highlights episode we put together, which touches on everything from schemes to reintroduce native oysters to the Solent, to how life in Britain might look as our climate gets hotter. I've learned some amazing things about our world and now can't stop dropping clever facts into every socially-distanced get together I have! I hope you can join us for the next series and that it casts new light - and new hope - on our complicated and beautiful world.

You can listen to Life Solved via this link:

And on the University of Portsmouth's website:

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