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In August’s episode, Dreamweaver Quartet @dreamweaverQRT join Katharine @katkerrradio to talk about their unique concept of improvised musical dreamscapes!


These guys take an an audience member’s dream, invite them on stage and turn their nighttime wanderings into a beautiful improvised comic musical.


They treat Katharine to a rendition based around the dream she had that morning and talk about their many brilliant creative projects.


James Witt tells us about teaching improv, Fran Reid shares her expertise on improvisation and creativity and Greg Birks tell us about how he balances co-running a fringe theatre in Central London with performing. The guys chat about gentrification, creative life, dodgy workplaces and how to blag free Headspace.


They're even joined on the phone by Brent Would of The Bareback Kings which is almost ‘woke with a capital W’, and Boris Johnson and Donald Trump pop into the studio.


Find out about this month’s performers below:

Greg Birks

Greg is a LAMDA trained actor and improviser performing regularly with 'Music Box' & 'Dreamweaver Quartet'. Acting credits include Tinhead in 'Heroes', Benedick in 'Much Ado About Nothing' and two runs of NewsRevue. He also works as a director and is the associate director of London Bridge fringe theatre Katzpace.


His credits as an AD include Moonfleece (Pleasance), Pebbles (Katzpace), Much Ado (White Bear). Greg also co-created new online hit 'Countryguide' which has over 170k views across social media & YouTube.  


Contact info & upcoming projects can be found at

@Gregjbirks on Instagram

@Gregbirks on Twitter


Francesca Reid

Francesca is currently touring the London comedy improv scene with her teams: The Die Hards, The Bareback Kings & Dreamweaver Quartet, as well as rounding the drag king scene as the inimitable Brent Would.

Online you can catch her in the web-series produced by the fabulous @8:58.

@Francescarenee3 on instagram or Twiitter

Francecareidactor facebook

James Witt

James trained in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting and Drama at the University of Birmingham.  He was part of the team who formed Music Box in 2009 and has been performing with them regularly ever since. Other improvised comedy projects include Dreamweaver Quartet @dreamweaverQRT, Newsical @NewsicalUK, This Is Soap, Theatresports and Flashbulb.   


Other theatre credits include the U.K. tour of Unmythable, Newsrevue, Shakespeare for Breakfast and Boris Johnson in Brexit the Musical.

TV and film credits include Secret Diary of a Call Girl, The Infidel, White Teeth and Murder in Mind.   

In addition, James regularly teaches, performs and writes satirical short films with Hoopla Impro! 

@wittyleaks on Twitter

James Witt on Facebook



@sketchpleasepodon Facebook and Twitter

@DreamweaverQRTon Facebook and Twitter and Instagram


Get in touch with Dreamweaver Quartet and submit you strange dreams to appear on the brand new Dreamweaver Quartet podcast with Podcast Pioneers.


Show Dates at Hoopla this Autumn:


14th September

27th October

17th November

1st December for show info and to book onto James’s classes.


Get Involved:


Send your sketches and performance submissions to with either SKETCH OR PERFORMER in the subject box to take part


Sketches in order of appearance from 20 mins 30s



1. Stephanie Weston - Britannia


HR Person - James

Britannia - Fran


2. Chris Ballard - Cocktail of Pollution


Bartender - James

Man - Greg

Woman - Fran


3. Viv Riddoch and Jane McCutcheon - Playing Outdoors


Attenborough - Greg

Child 1 - James

Child 2 - Fran

Child 3 - James

Mum - Fran


4. James Docherty - Heatmap Horror


Jan - Fran

Dominic - Greg


5. Michael Monkhouse - 15 Things I must stop doing - Soapbox


Narrator character - James


6. Robert Mills - Guru Sketch


Guru - James

Student - Greg


7. Elliot Stewart - Manners Maketh Points


George - Fran

Presenter - James

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