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The monthly sketch showcase Sketch Please returns with a new presenter, a new cast and a brand new batch of your finest comic writing.


Katharine Kerr (@katkerrradio) is joined for nutty chat and by David Sylvester, Kerrie Thomason, Raphael von Blumenthal and Steve Garland.

David Sylvester is a musician, performer, comedian and artist from London. He’s an improv comedian, and musical badass who plays guitar, drums, bass and piano

Kerrie Thomason is from Edinburgh, Scotland, and achieved a First Class honours in Musical Theatre at Blackpool School of Creative Arts. Kerrie has worked with the likes of Tim Key, and is also the show manager at 2NorthDown (a comedy venue in Kings Cross) She’s worked in  comedy from sketch to stand up. She’s also part of the all-female theatre company SWIPERIGHT which was a hit at Edinburgh last year and is working on its next show right now.

Raphael von Blumenthal is an actor, stand up comedian and writer. His short films, viral videos and online sketches, co-written with and directed by Sam Baron have over 4 million views online, have been screened at BAFTA qualifying film festivals, and have been featured on among others the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky One. He is represented by APM Associates. Raphael can be seen in a supporting role in the 2017 comedy feature Demain Tout Commence (Two's a Family), featuring Omar Sy and Clémence Poésy. He comperes Rich Gifts Theatre's Deadline: 24 Hour Plays, and regularly performs stand up comedy.

Steve Garland is an actor, comedy performer and writer. He also runs an all-female pro comedian comedy night in Angel called Hysterical Women which raises money for Women’s Aid.

This month we feature the below sketches with the following casting:


The History of Things by Leonie Rachel


Announcer - Steve

Joel (Husband) - David

Mrs Houghton - Kerrie


One of the Lads by Carol Walsh


Sarah - Kerrie

Steve - Steve

Paul - David

Dennis - Raphael


Saw Paws by Alf Oldman


Vet - Steve

First Pet Owner - David

Second Pet Owner - Raphael

Vicar - Raphael

Narrator - Kerrie


British Transport Poem by Ellie Fulcher


Passenger - David

National Rail - Steve


Offline Banking by Chris Ballard


Recorded voice - Kerrie

Cashier - David

Customer - Raphael


Gun Mom by Lauren Overpeck


Ms Jenn - Kerrie

Boy - David


Antiques Roadshow Spoof by Andrew Fawn


Expert - Kerrie

Milennial - David

Grandad - Steve


Dead Funny - Elliot Stewart


Fred - Raphael

Vicar - Steve



YOU can take part in Sketch Please! Whether you’ve written an audio sketch or want to flex your voice acting muscles, just drop Katharine a note at and put either ’Sketch’ or ‘Performer’ in the subject box. The deadline for August’s episode is Sunday 22nd July at midnight.


Tell us a little about you, or if you’re submitting sketches, please keep it as close to two or three pages as possible, and number the pages so we don’t get ourselves in a papery flutter come recording day!


And because we only feature 7 or 8 sketches per episode we will often hold sketches over to subsequent months to fit it all in, so don’t lose heart if we don’t feature your sketch this month!


You can join us on twitter by following @sketchpleasepod or keep up to date at

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