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In November’s Sketch Please, (released in January, sorry, folks) we all go a bit stir crazy pre-christmas, insult one another then make up by losing the plot in an overheated studio. It’s lovely.


Please enjoy some of November and December’s finest sketches interspersed with curious accents and wild chat from people who spent an evening doing this instead of actual paid work. Pringles were involved. But no Bourbons.


Huge thanks to everyone involved in this month’s show. You can submit your sketches and sign up to perform with the details at the bottom.




Helpful Desk - Paul Nash

Help - David

Sarah - Suzie


Bob’s Booze & Cigarettes - Alex De Grunchy

Piggy - Thomas

Bob - David

Jane - Maggie


Sales Funnel - Chris Tindall

Mike - Thomas

David - David

Helen - Maggie

Midwife - Suzie


Biscuits Sketch - Robert Mills

Stubbs - Suzie

Harris - Thomas

St Peter - Maggie


Blue Peter - Amber Phillips

Presenter 1 - David

Presenter 2 - Thomas


Like a Virgin - Michael Monkhouse

Joseph - David

Mary - Suzie


Reel Lies of Rock- Elliot Stewart 

Int - Maggie

Dir - Thomas




Suzie Houlihan


Suzie is an actor, comedian, model and presenter based in London. You can find her @sanhou on Twitter and Instagram


Suzie plays Sarah in "The Cat in the Flat" on Apple Podcasts


David Ruby


David is a writer, improviser and movie producer currently working on a selection of short films and theatre show.

He’s on Twitter @medavidruby. He also looks like Dudley Moore, according to some accounts.


How to Date a Magical Creature comes to the Vault Festival in London in February. Details at

@datingcreatures on social media


Custom Love is a film about a Valentines Day date gone wrong!

Maggie Tolmie


Maggie is a retired actor and mezzo soprano who practises improv comedy with Hoopla. She’s also trained in clowning!

Maggie Tolmie is on Facebook where you can find podcasts of her character Vladi the lonely old vampire!


Thomas Melhuish


Is a director working on a short film for release. This dark comedy about a last meal is due for release in February.

He’s also working with a group of Raindance festival acquaintances on a forthcoming mockumentary.




We’ll be back at the end of January, so you know what to do - send your sketches to with ’SKETCH’ in the title and volunteer to perform at with the email title ‘PERFORMER'


See you out there!

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